Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project Life -- Week 1 complete!

I am so excited to have 5 pages in my Project Life album done!  Yep, 5!  "How did you get 5 pages and it's only January 9?", you may ask.  Well, the 1st is the title page, so that was a gimme :-)  I wanted my weeks to run Mon-Sun, since that's how my life runs -- Monday begins the school week, so Monday is day 1 as far as I'm concerned.  But, I didn't want to skip the 1st 2 days of the year, so after reading some advice on the (fabulous!) Project Life Message Board, I decided to do a layout that served as a bit of an introduction.  I included info about current faves and prices, as well as current pics of us, the house, etc.  Then, of course, I have my "real" 1st week:-)  I'm absolutely loving the simplicity of this project kit!  You may notice that I am adding some embellishments here and there.  What's nice is that I don't feel compelled to add to it, I just did it because I had time and thought it'd be fun, but it may not be an every week occurrence.

Want a peek into my album?!  Here you go!
Title page

Intro page 1

Intro page 2

Week 1 page 1

Week 1 page 2       

Thanks for looking:-)  Have a great week!

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