Saturday, August 21, 2010

Trying this again:-)

I've been really bad about blogging lately. This was a pretty rough school year for me and I've been enjoying my summer. But, it's getting close to September and time to get back to the grind. I've switched schools and will be returning to the classroom. After being out for 4 years, I'm ready to get back into the thick of things. I'm also looking forward to a fresh start in a new building:-)

I have done some scrapping this summer and I FINALLY finished all of my albums from our 7000mile roadtrip from 2008. There are 8(!) of them, but each is quite different and 1 is actually for my parents;-)

All of them :-)

Route 66 album

Parents' paper bag album

Inside paper bag album

Box o' board books album

One of the board books -- 12 total, one for each state we visited

Artsy acrylic album

Inside -- envelopes hold copies of the emails I sent out along the trip

It was very nice to get these albums done and to be able to clear out all of the 'stuff' I had been holding onto for these;-) Now, on to the next project(s)!